What is the role of state agencies/government on UWIN portal?

The State government may nominate the state agencies for overall management and operationalization of the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act (UWSSA) 2008. The responsibility of the state agencies will be multi-fold ranging from identification, registration, beneficiary management of the unorganized workers for all district under the jurisdiction ambit of the state government. The state agencies will be responsible for organizing camps/ facilitating and equipping the service centers with the necessary infrastructure and manpower as well as any financial assistance required for the registration of unorganized workers. They will also be responsible for validating whether the worker is an unorganized worker according to the rules as detailed under the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act (UWSSA) 2008 as well as the standard procedure as published in this regard. The agencies will also be responsible for sharing the details and guidelines of various social security schemes for the unorganized workers as well as deciding the benefit entitlement for the unorganized worker according to eligibility criteria defined in scheme guidelines.
In future, identification of additional beneficiaries from time to time and integration of existing schemes on the UWIN platform will be the responsibility of the state agencies.